Kloxo - How to change IP Address

This article will show you how to change IP Address.
I. Purpose

This guideline is used by customer using Kloxo on Virtual Private Server
II. The steps taken
After changing the new IP on network card, use some the following commands.
sh /script/upcp
sh /script/cleanup
sh /script/fixweb
Login to the Kloxo administration area:
1. Go to Server Home > IP Addresses

2. Click Reread Ipaddress
3. Next click Resources > DNS Templates

4. Update any references with any templates to the old IP with the new IP address
5. Now go to admin > Resources > IP Addresses
6. Click the new IP address located on eth0
7. Click the Configure Domain tab

8. Select each domain that should be hosted on the new IP address and click Update in turn.

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